In the beginning of the ’80s Angelo and Anna Tzamarias built their small family hotel full of promises for the local touristic market as it was the 1st private official hotel in the area.

Angelo and Anna had come from Australia back to Greece and ‘saw’ in Poros, Angelo’s homeland, a beautiful spot where somebody can relax while having easygoing summer fun.

They called it Poros House Hotel because the aim was to make visitors feel comfortable on their holidays, be happy away from their own houses.. To feel at home!

Poros House Hotel was based on the idea of a family attitude towards guests. Poros House Hotel was loved by its friends exactly for that idea of hospitality.

Poros House Hotel, 32 years after is still in business! Many of Poros House’s friends know that very well as they visit year, after year, after year…

Πόρος Κεφαλονιάς

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